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Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's all about ME!

So, I was tagged by Aline and Mrs. P to share 8 things about myself. The previous game was to share 7 fun facts (you can see that here), so this is upping the ante a little bit. Sorry in advance if you already know these, but here goes:

1. I did not drink until I was officially 21. Sure, this may not be ground-breaking news, but let me also add that I was in a sorority in college. And not one that revolved around academics. Crazy, right? And yet, I was always welcome for outings as I made a great DD for those few years. Even today, I'm still very much a light-weight when it comes to drinking.

2. I have never gotten an electronic personal organizer (e.g. PDA), but instead still use a zipper-bound paper one. What can I say, I'm old-school like that. I also cannot bear to throw out the pages from 2005 that coincide with the week of our wedding and honeymoon. Instead, they sit there at the front of the organizer as a pleasant reminder of being married and what a fantastic time we had in Europe.

3. When I was 17, I tried out for "All-Stars" at cheerleading camp and was the only girl from our squad to be invited to Paris to cheer/dance in their New Year's Parades. It was an unbelievably fun trip! My mom came with me and we made friends with a group of other girls and their moms while we were there. Several girls were there solo, so we sort of "adopted" them into the group and we spent the next week basically attached at the hip. We were from all over the US, so we lost touch after the trip, but it was really an experience of a lifetime.

4. I'm *slightly* obsessed with organization and my closet reflects that. My clothes are organized by color and then within each color by type (e.g. sleeveless, then short sleeved, then long sleeved tops). My shoes are all in clear plastic boxes stacked neatly in shelves. People are actually speechless when they see it. Yes, I'm crazy. Yes my husband knew this before he married me. But, it really makes picking out clothes quite easy.

5. I once dated a guy that was my TA in college. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but the class he TA'd was over before we started dating or even flirting with each other. That is probably the most scandalous thing that I did in college. Ha!

6. When I was 21, I went through a phase where I really wanted a baby. I seriously don't know what I was thinking! It lasted all of a month, then I came to my senses. And now? Um, yeah, the closer I get to 30, the more I want to wait even longer to have kids. This pleases my husband to no end.

7. I'm love pens! Have since elementary school when Sanrio was biggest thing ever. I still love buying new pens, but I'm very picky about what I like. I prefer fine tip with a smooth ink flow. The pentel RSVP pens are my current favorite, but I'm always on the look out for new ones to try out.

8. My initial plan in college was to become a doctor. I went so far as to take the MCAT and then decided that the life of a doctor just wasn't for me. I instead went to grad school for Public Health and never looked back. It's a decision that I've never once regretted and in many ways I think it was one of the better decisions I've made in my life.

Most everyone has already been tagged for this so I think I'm out of options for tagging other folks. :-(


  1. Re: #4 - Now I know what the noise is in our condo. It's our closets calling your name! "AMBER! COME HELP US! PLEEEEEASE!"

  2. You might just be a bigger goody two-shoes than I am.

  3. i must introduce you to this rare, cheapy pen i found in korea. too bad i can't find it here anywhere or even online.

  4. I love pens, too! An occupational hazard, I guess. :)

  5. hey, i keep a regular old dayplanner too! i've had pdas and cell phones with calendar features, but it's just not the same.

    and i still have the pages from 2005-2006, too. :x!

  6. I love this because I've seriously learned new things about you!

    Ummm...and I do almost the same with my clothes in my closet. Sadly, that's the extent of my anal organization.

  7. I love that I've learned new things about you. That closet is something else m'friend. :)

  8. :) I feel like I know you on a deeper level now. lol.

    Can I just say I wish I was as organized with my closet as you are?!?!?

    Between DH and me... we organize it and the next say it l looks like some monkey walked in and threw things around the room.

  9. Wow, we really do have lots in common...especially the organized closests! I have a cute pencil fettish...