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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sometimes it just takes one

I had plans tonight to meet a friend at Runyon Canyon to catch up and get a cardio workout in at the same time. I changed at work and drove straight there. I got a voicemail message after I already found a parking spot that told me she had a family emergency and that we'd have to re-schedule. I was a little bummed, but hey, stuff happens. And when it's family stuff, of course that is going to trump a silly evening hike. I got back in my car and started for home.

After getting about 3 blocks down the street I thought "this is silly! i'm already here, dressed and ready to go. why am i driving home?" So, I turned the car back around, re-parked the car, grabbed my water and ipod (thank god I remembered to throw it in my bag) and off I went! I cannot explain how proud of myself I was for continuing with my original evening plans even though it meant I was solo. I had a great time enjoying the view, getting some fresh air and watching all the dogs exploring the trail.

My friend and I are going to re-schedule our joint hike for later this week, but somtimes things happen for a reason. I am now totally comfortable going there for a hike by myself and it's something I'm looking forward to adding to my usual line-up of workout activities!